Church Life

We've got loads going on every week for young and old alike. 

If you're interested in finding out more about the Christian faith then please do check out the 'Alpha & Christianity Explored' page. Or maybe you've got a deep philosophical question keeping you up at night and would like to ask some questions in a more informal setting such as a pub - why not check out the 'The Eagle and Child' page!

Or maybe you're looking for discipleship, and you're keen to strengthen the root of your faith, if that's the case then please do look at our 'Pilgrim Groups' and 'Prayer' pages.

We're also desperate to be a generous church, who cares for our community, and so if you're in need, emotionally, physically or spiritually we want to be there for you. Our 'Pastoral Care' page will hopefully be able to point you in the direction of comforting listeners.