Do you collect money during the service?

No, there is no formal collection during the service. There is a collection plate at the back of the church building where some like to leave a donation upon leaving after the service. Most of our regulars, however, give via Standing Order, or via the Parish Giving Scheme. More can be found out about this on our 'Giving & Finance' page.

Is there a dress code?

No, there is no dress code. Please come as you feel comfortable. Having said that, as a general rule of thumb, at the 8:45am and 10am most people will be smart-casual, whilst at the Messy Church most people will be more casual, and there might even be some kids in fancy dress!

Can I park at the churches?

Parking is slightly easier at St John the Baptist Loxwood, there is a small car park, but plenty of room along the road (Vicarage Hill). We recommend that all cars park along the Onslow Arms Pub side of the road. At St Nicholas Alfold parking can be a bit more tricky because the roads are smaller 'country' roads. There is a small church carpark along Rosemary Lane, and a few spaces just outside it, there are also usually a few spaces surrounding the triangular village green. We advise for both churches arriving 10 minutes early to ensure finding a car parking space!

Will I be asked to do anything?

Only if you want to. Do not worry about being asked to do anything that might make you feel uncomfortable. Usually, once a person has been attending church for a while they decide that they'd like to serve in some way. Only then do we ask if they'd like to read, or pray during the service, or serve refreshments, or be involved in a million and one other ways. If you'd like to serve the church in some way please contact Rev James.