Our Mission Partners

paul mahmoodPaul Mahmood & Theophany School

Paul is married to the lovely Hawanatu. They live out in The Gambia, where they have recently set up a Christian primary school - Theophany School. Paul has a big smile when talking about Manchester United, but an even bigger smile when talking about Jesus, which he does with Gambians on a daily basis. When Paul is not helping Hawanatu run the school he works as an evangelist for GamFES - The Gambia Fellowship of Evangelical Students. He's well placed in The Gambia, where the population is 90% Muslim, since he was once upon a time a Muslim well trained in the Qur'an, and is therefore able to dialogue in a sensitive and knowledgable way.

The funny thing about this photo is that Paul is terrified of dogs! Please click here for Paul's latest prayer letter.

Street Angels               Guildford Street Angels

In the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 11), Jesus teaches us to "go and do likewise", when we find someone left for dead by the side of the road. Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy oversee the mission of the Street Angels, who primarily love Guildford by serving the night-time economy. On Friday and Saturday evenings, teams of Angels will patrol the town centre between 10pm-4am, supporting all in need, whether those rough sleepers to any who need help getting home. We have a philosophy of non-judgemental listening, and our work is a ministry of God's love to all in need.

Do check out the video here. 

prison fellFord Prison Fellowship

In Matthew 25, Christ calls us to visit those in prison. Prison Fellowship (PF) UK was founded in 1979 by Sylvia Mary Alison and is now involved with almost all of the 120 prisons across England and Wales. PF’s mission is to show Jesus’s love to prisoners by coming alongside them and supporting them. Through the prayer and practical care of over 2,500 volunteers as well as paid staff, they seek to help, support and develop a Christian ministry to prisoners and their families. Ele, the vicar's wife, is particularly involved at Ford prison, co-leading the Alpha Bible Study group there weekly and attending monthly chapel services, as well as writing letters to prisoners elsewhere in the country through the Letter Link scheme. If you are interested in joining her and volunteering yourself, do please get in touch! Updated prayer letters can be found here.

capChristians Against Poverty

CAP exists to restore hope to those who are lost and hurting through the effects of poverty. It always does this through partnership with local churches, and offers many different avenues of help from supporting those looking for jobs, advice on managing debt, many courses on healthy approaches to money and the like. We hope, as a local church, that by supporting CAP, we can reach outside our comfortable borders to the more deprived areas surrounding us. Find out more here

The Church Pastoral Aid Society

CPAS acts as one of our patrons. They run camps for children up and downs the country. They provide training for church leaders, PCC's and lay folk. And they do a million other missional activities. To put it simply their mission is to enable churches to help every person hear and discover the good news of Jesus.

As a church we also support The Guildford Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship. The GDEF seeks to keep Jesus the focus of the Church's mission, be a network and resource for those who seek to be built up and established in their evangelical convictions, and encourage genuine fellowship within our diocese. More information can be found on the GDEF website here.

ciS logo          Christians in Sport

We're all in for Christ. All in on sport. And all in it together. 

For us, sport is more than a game. It's about who God made us to be. We bring these two loves together in one mission: to reach the world of sport for Christ. We do this with joy in the sporting talent and relationships that God gives us. 

We live and breathe sport. So whether they know Jesus or not, we get the pressures that competitors face. And we know that when it's all over, faith in him is what matters most. 

We're all in. Are you? Check us out here