Our Values

Our mission statement reads:

We seek to be a generous church for the whole community, committed to growing together in love for our Saviour Jesus Christ and sharing His love with others.

With that in mind we seek to share the three strands of the Diocese of Guildford's Common Purpose: Growth in Spiritual Maturity, Growth in 
Numbers, and Growth in Community 

How do we hope to do that?

One Church Family
We are one community of faith rooted in Christ in the villages of Alfold and Loxwood. We recognise there are similarities and differences within our villages and yet we seek to be one church family as Jesus and the Father are one. For that reason all are welcome. We are stewards of two historic church buildings and committed to their care and continued use.

A Worshipping Community
Worship is at the centre of all that we do as we seek to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We value both contemporary and traditional forms of worship, offering space for adults and children of all ages to draw close to God. We love corporate worship because we believe from experience that it aids our individual worship.

A Learning Community
We acknowledge that the journey of faith is on-going and that we are all learning what it means to be disciples of Jesus. The Bible is fundamental to our faith, we believe it is God's unchanging word, and seek to put His word into practice today, living with purpose. We are happy to live with difference.

A Serving Community
We take seriously the commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves and look for ways to demonstrate love in action both in our local community and further afield. We seek to work towards building the common good, collaborating with and supporting other groups.

A Generous Community
We believe the ministry of the church is there for all who call upon us. We are committed to sustaining and growing our church family through giving our time, talents and money so that we can continue to support people at significant moments in their lives.