Meet the Team

Greg Cushing - The Vicar

Greg loves rugby, and pretty much any sport! More than that, however, he loves hearing the reply, "you're too young to be a vicar..."

Greg first studied Architecture down at Plymouth University before going into a different sort of building work - ordained ministry - being a builder for God's Kingdom! For this he went back to University to study Theology, which he did at Cambridge University where he carried on playing rugby gaining 'blues' in both League and Union. Greg has the awesome record of playing in five Varsity Matches and losing every single one!

Greg is married to the lovely Ele. They have one son, Joshua Caleb, who is obsessed with their golden labrador, Tala, who is obsessed with smelly canal water! Greg and Ele are both passionate about making Jesus known.

Mike Edwards -  Lay Minister 

Married to Liz for 46 years with two children and six grandchildren. Mike served as a Navigating Officer in the Merchant Navy for 11 years before working in the City in Marine insurance. In 1990 he became a full-time youth worker in his local Church in Essex, moving to Ireland three years later. There he remained, ending up as Diocesan Youth Officer and Lay Reader until he retired in 2011. Mike and Liz moved to Alfold in 2013, becoming licenced in Guildford Diocese in 2014. Mike's hobbies include cooking (and eating!), walking, reading and messing about in boats when he gets a chance. Mike's ambition is to be as great a person as his dog thinks he is!

Emily Cross - Administrator

Emily has lived in Alfold most of her life, she lived at Sydney Farm until she met Darren and got married then moved into Chilton Close.  Emily worked in admin for a local company called Cordek until she had Sean and then life became a little different to how she expected it to be.  Amber then came along a few years later and made life even more interesting!! 

Emily has been working as Parish Administrator for 2 years now.  Out side of work Emily is Carer/Mum to Sean and Taxi Driver/Mum to Amber.  She loves to walk her dogs, read when she has a chance and have a delicious glass of cold wine!!


Marc Harst - Youth & Families Worker

Marc is our newest recruit, coming all the way from Texas. His love for exercise (as the picture reveals) rivals that of the vicars, and if you can't find Marc then you haven't checked the gym! Enough of the jokes, Marc didn't have a say in this bio! Marc has a huge desire to see children and youths engaging with Jesus who has transformed his own life. He has worked with Young Life in the States, and would quite often turn up at High School football games approaching youths with the words, "Hey Y'all, anyone wanna talk about Jesus??" 

janeJane Johnson - Pastoral Assistant

& Safeguarding Officer

Jane moved to Alfold nearly 25 years ago and she and Bryan had a Service of Blessing for their marriage in St Nicholas Church in 1992. Her three daughters were married in the Church and her 6 grandchildren were baptised there. Jane taught in Godalming for 17 years then ran a Tuition Centre until she finally retired 2 years ago. She loves music and gardening and spending time with the family, which usually includes cooking and eating together. Last year, Jane joined the Diocesan Pastoral Assistants Training Course in Guildford, so she can now join the Parish Pastoral Team in endeavouring to provide support wherever it is needed.    

Marjorie Loxton - Pastoral Assistant

Marjorie was authorised as a Pastoral Assistant in 2012 and became a member of the Parish Ministry Team who try to identify need and the provision of care across our community.

Marjorie is married to Martin. They came to live in the countryside in 2009 and love their rural environment.

Marjorie worked for the NHS for thirty four years, but is still trying to find time to be retired! Marjorie is a very proud Mum to Matt and Grandma to Charlie and Henry.

Liz Edwards - Messy Church/Baptism Coordinator

Liz was born in Chester, and has an Irish family background. Wife (to Mike), Mummy, Grandma and homemaker; General and Pediatric Nurse; full–time Children & Youth Worker in Churches in N. Ireland; Day Therapist in Residential Care Home in Republic of Ireland.

Together, Liz and Mike retired here to Alfold, where like many who retire have become busier than ever!

Liz's hobbies include gardening and hospitality.


Mal Simmonds - Churchwarden

Mal has been an active member of the church since she moved to Loxwood in 1996. She started with choir and church cleaning, and has now reached the dizzy heights of churchwarden! In her past life Mal was a mathematics teacher, a job she absolutely adored. She is married to Nigel and they have three daughters and four grandchildren. 

Mal is a keen walker; she completed a pilgrimage from Loxwood to Canterbury with the previous rector, and last year walked the final section of the Camino de Santiago. In her spare time she drives for two local charities and looks after her grandchildren.