Being Christians within the Church of England, we are happy to baptise both believers and the children of believing parents. Since baptism asks that the baptised, or their parents/godparents make declarations and promises before the church and before God, we expect those considering baptism will want to get established as members within the church family. If you're considering getting baptised yourself, or having your child baptised but are not a member of our church family, then your first port of call would be to come along to a church service or contact the Parish Office. You will then arrange to meet a few times to discuss exactly what baptism is, and how it ties in to the fundamental teachings of Christianity.

Baptisms are always held during a church service. This is so that the congregation can promise to support and pray for you and/or your child and welcome the new member into the 
church family.

We also offer 'Services of Thanksgiving', which gives the parents an opportunity with family and friends to give thanks for the wonderful gift of their child. This may be more appropriate for those who do not feel comfortable making the public declarations and personal commitment of faith involved in baptism.