We welcome enquiries from couples seeking to get married in either of our two beautiful church buildings. Congratulations if that's you, and we hope that the following information will help you in your preparation.

Our weddings are rooted in the traditional Church of England's teaching on marriage, and therefore built upon the reality of God's love, with vows being made in his presence.

If you or your fiancée live within our parish then it will certainly be possible for you to marry here. If not, then you will need to meet certain legal requirements to marry here. More information can be found at

We want to help you make the best and happiest start to married life, and therefore before your wedding day couples will meet with the minister who's conducting the service to make sure the ceremony is just as you want it. A marriage is based on much more than 'the big day', however, so couples will be invited by the minister to meet up a few times to think about what sorts of things can be pursued and prioritised to create a healthy, romantic and lifelong marriage.

Please contact the church office for more information.

(Congratulations to Alex and Emily who got married at St Nicholas Alfold)