autumn / Winter Sermons 2023

24th  December 2023 - John 1: 15-18, 29-30

This Christmas Eve, join us as our Curate, James, helps us see John's testimony of Jesus as the One and Only, and pointing us to celebrate Christmas with our eyes firmly fixed on Easter, as Hope comes into the world. 

17th  December 2023 - John 1: 9-13

We continue our Advent journey, as our Rector, James helps us explore more of John 1, with two key challenges: don't miss your creator this Christmas, & don't miss your birthday this Christmas.

10th  December 2023 - John 1: 1-8

Listen in today as Rev Richard begins our Advent journey into John 1, and helps us to explore Christ Jesus as The Word: Eternal, Relational, Creator and Light.   

3rd December 2023 - Luke 4: 14-30

Today, our Rector, James F helps us explore Jesus' ministry - his good news manifesto, as he begins his post-wilderness work, and all that this entails for God's people.    

26th November 2023 - Luke 4: 1-13

Today Rev Richard picks up the beginning of Luke 4, as he shares the story of Jesus being tempted in the desert. With the lens of Deuteronomy, he leads us through Jesus as the second Adam - the one without sin, and tackles how we might armour ourselves against the assault of satan.   

19th November 2023 - Luke 3: 21-38

Our Curate, James (H) pick up the second half of  Luke 3: 21-37, as we unpack the baptism and genealogy of Jesus. The invitation is to understand God's story as the Trinity, the sending of his son, Jesus for our salvation, and the ingrafting for all of us into his family and thus family tree.   

12th November 2023 - Luke 3: 1-20

Our Rector, James (F) guides us through Luke 3: 1-20, as he helps us understand how John the Baptist began his ministry of baptism by pointing us back to that call to repent and be baptised, and most importantly to point people to the coming of the real Messiah, Jesus.   

5th November 2023 - Luke 2: 41-52

What do we learn from the boy Jesus? Our Rector, James (F) guides us through Luke 2: 41-52, as he helps us understand how to find the treasure that Mary found, and what Jesus meant by having to be in his Father's house.   

29th October 2023 - Luke 2: 21-40

Today, Rev Richard leads us through the end of Luke chapter 2, as Jesus is presented in the temple, and we see God's hand as work through the faithfulness and obedience of Mary and Joseph, and Simeon and Anna. 

22nd October 2023 - Luke 2: 1-20

Today, Rev Richard leads us through what it means for Jesus to be born to us as God Incarnate, Saviour, the Messiah, and Lord as we delve into these very familiar opening scenes in Luke 2. 

15th October 2023 - Luke 1: 57-80

Saved for a purpose. Our Curate, James (H) uses the end of Luke 1 to ask us whether we know what God has done for us, why he has done this for us, what purposes he has for us in our lives, and how we can respond to his salvation by magnifying our view of him.

8th October 2023 - Luke 1: 39-56

How do we approach God? Our Rector, James (F) guides us through Luke 1: 39-56, using the lens of the Song of Mary (Magnificat) to help us approach God with Belief, Worship, Fear and Humility.  

1st October 2023 - Luke 1: 26-38

Just who is the true King? Our Rector, James (F) guides us through Luke 1: 26-38 and helps us work out who we need as our real leaders, and what sort of King Jesus will be? 

24th September 2023 - Luke 1: 5-25

Our Rector, James (F) asks us what Luke 1: 5-25 speaks to us on preparing our hearts to meet our Saviour. Just who has God come to save, through Jesus? 

17th September 2023 - Luke 1: 1-4

Our Rector, James (F) begins a new sermon series on Luke's gospel. Today, he unpacks the opening to Luke 1, and what it means to be certain about the truth of the gospel. 

3rd September 2023 - Matthew 6:1-24

Our Curate, James (H) unpacks Matthew 6 from the Sermon on the Mount. Today, we explore what it means to know true giving - from the heart. Matt 6:21 says: 'For where your treasure is, there is your heart'. We focus on where we place our treasure, and where we need to refocus. 

27th August 2023  - Psalm 118

Our Curate,  James (H) unpacks Psalm 118; the focus draw us to understanding what 'His love endures forever' means for us today.