Easter to Summer 2024

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26th May 2024 - Luke 9:1-9 - Click Here to Listen

19TH MAY 2024 - LUKE 8: 40-56

In his final sermon on Pentecost, Rev James Hanson guides us through Luke’s 2 miracles of healing Jairus’ daughter and the bleeding woman, asking how we can have faith, are we pente enough and do we lay ourselves down at the feet of Jesus?

12th May 2024 - LUKE 8: 22-39

Jesus is stronger than the wind and the waves, and stronger than the strongest man. But how do we respond to him? Revd. James Forward 

5th MAY 2024 - LUKE 8: 1-21

Join us today to explore Jesus' parables of the sower and a lamp on a stand. Rev James Hanson helps unpack why we need to be good soil for the seed, called to a time of weeding in our lives and feeding on his word, alongside being luminaries for Jesus.

28Th APRIL 2024 - LUKE 7:36-50

A 'sinful woman' greets Jesus with joy. The pharisee Simon is far more frosty. How should we greet Him? Revd. Richard Allan

21st APRIL 2024 - Luke 7:18-35

When John the Baptist came to Jesus with his doubts, how would Jesus respond? Revd. James Forward

14TH APRIL 2024 - 1 CORINTHIANS 15: 58

 If Jesus really has defeated death, what then should we do with the rest of our lives? James Forward

                                                   7TH APRIL 2024 - 1 CORINTHIANS 15: 35-57

Join us today, as our Curate, James, helps us answer the key question Paul poses to the Corinthians: What happens when we die? Two things emerge: Death has lost its sting, and the best is yet to come.