Alfold and Loxwood are both beautiful villages to live in. They both have active communities with heaps going on; from picture-postcard Post Offices, to barge trips on the Wey and Arun Canal, to lively village halls, to full on jousting festivals! Alfold and Loxwood offer the true 'English country' experience. Did we mention that there were lots of beautiful pubs to quench your thirst after one of the many stunning countryside walks on offer.

All who come here quickly loves the church family in this parish. Everyone seems to go out of their way to make people feel welcomed and 'at home'. That's the kind of welcome we know you'd receive too. 

Back in 2015 the two churches became one parish and one church family in the hope that they might more effectively share the love and hope of Christ within the parish. It is a great joy when we see how the church tries to help out in the community in whatever way it can. We think it's awesome how the church is actively trying to reach out to the younger generation with our new Little Angels, and with Messy Church, Lionhearts, Revved Up and Fearless groups that cater for young people and their families. But, the church very much respects the older generation, offering pastoral care on tap; our church buildings are open every day of the year, offering a peaceful space for prayer, where lots have knelt over many hundreds of years. 

If you are looking for a church Wedding, Baptism or Funeral, please do visit the 'contact' page, as we would love to support you through this season of life, and welcome you into the church family. Likewise, if you are full of questions but no answers - then we long to be signposts to Jesus, the one who we put our hope in. Do check out the 'Church Life' page, and 'Alpha and Christianity Explored', as we love to run courses where anyone can come and ask any question they like, as we explore and unpack the Christian faith together over great food and fellowship. 

Most of all what we love is the way the church treasures Jesus. Many of us put my trust in him when we were very young, and know full well that he has never left our side. He's the perfect Saviour, no matter how old you are, and no matter what you're hiding in the closet. He can deal with any worry or fear, he overcame death after all. Why not come and investigate the extraordinary claims of this man who has changed the course of history? We'd love to meet you...