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15/10/23 Our Curate James H having fun at Sunday's service 

14/9/23 - On a glorious evening, we welcomed in our new Rector, Rev James Forward, to be collated, inducted and installed at Alfold and Loxwood by the Rt. Rev Andrew Watson, Bishop of Guildford.

JF and KF

Clergy AlfloxJF Inst 4

2/7/23 - What a glorious day for the church, at the Ordination of Rev Richard Allan at Guildford Cathedral - surrounded by past, present and future Alflox clergy

Four clergy

29/6/23 - Installation of our church Wardens, Liz Simpson and Trevor Goacher, Parish church of Fleet. 

Warden installation June 23

4/6/23 - Loxwood fete and dog show (Cake sale and "soak the Vicar")

James sponges

Cake sale team

We had a blast! Such an amazing team baked cakes through the week to donate to the cake stall, and yet more fabulous helpers came to sell them to raise vital funds for the fete and local community - we are so grateful for all the beautiful and yummy cakes. 

25/5/23 - Italian "Nosh night"

Nosh night 1

Nosh night 3

Thanks to Marco and Di for hosting an evening of 'tastes of Italy' - with an incredible selection of anti-pasti, pasti and post-pasti! 

20/5/23 - Beating the Bounds (part 1)

Bounds walk 23On a beautiful Saturday, an intrepid group set off from the Onslow to prayer walk much of the parish boundary. 'Beating the bounds' attracted a motly crowd (and three dogs off camera) full of the joys of Spring. Part 1 of the boundary complete, the second phase will happen later in the year, hopefully. 

7/5/23 - Coronation street party

Coronation tea party

Just after the Coronation services, we hosted a splendid afternoon tea-party outside the church in Alfold, where 80+ locals celebrated the Royal occasion in fine style.

tea party biscuit

25/3/2023 - Murder mystery - Greg & Ele's farewell social

Murder mystery 23

On Saturday 25th March, we hosted our second murder-mystery parties - "Death by chocolate". This was a fabulous evening soiree, where we said farewells to Greg and Ele, by treating them (and the church family) to a fun-filled party on a chocolate theme. Spot the one 'who dunnit' - clue: he was wearing a baseball cap: Mike Bison.

07/12/2022 - Beer and Carols (part 1) and live Nativity

fireChristmas excitement has already well and truly kicked off, and here's a few pics from our Live Nativity, and then Beer & Carols at Firebird (round 1!)



01/10/2022 - Kings and Queens festival of flowers and remembrance

We had the most outstanding flower festival focussing on Kings & Queens, giving the King of kings great thanks for the remarkable life of our late Queen Elizabeth II.





10/04/2022 - Mission partner update

Our mission partner Paul, in The Gambia, with an impromptu song having spent the day training some very enthusiastic children's workers:

25/03/2022 - Murder mystery 2022

Our grand finale from our church social murder mystery:


The newly reordered St John the Baptist Church is almost finished and looking gooooood :-)



Our superstars wrapping presents for Angel Tree - a service enabling prisoners to give presents to their children at Christmastime :-)



Rev Greg became a rector recently and the formality was eased with some energetic dancing :-)


We came we saw we cycled :-) Thank you to all our supporters - and especially to Ruth our very refreshing support vehicle!




Two amazing things happened today - Lauren reaffirmed her baptismal vows and James got ordained. Hallelujah :-)




What an amazing day we had at our Alfold Plant Sale - a huge thank you to everyone who made it so special :-)



This is the lovely family we've got coming to minister with us this summer as James Hanson begins his curacy in the Parish of Alfold & Loxwood :-)



A huge thank you to everyone who supported Rev Greg's year long haircut! The locks were donated to The Little Princess Trust, and so far around £1,800 has been raised for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Amazing - thank you, thank you, thank you!



Check out the pic of our recent final Alpha session... in fancy dress:


A Happy Christmas from our Gambian partners at Theophany :-)


Awesome to marry these two today :-)
Congrats Steve & Lauren



The last few weeks of meeting outdoors. The sunny mornings have been particularly beautiful, but perhaps the first rainy meeting was the most memorable - praying nobody holding the live microphone would be electrocuted!




Opening the churches after such a long time of unprecedented closure - boy oh boy did they need a clean! Not too sure we're fans of the Covid-building-site-look!



Getting ready to offer our support in the community. We fliered every single house in the parish - some have very long drives, and finding letterboxes often proved difficult too! Jokes aside, we want to offer the hope Jesus brings to all who have been beset with worry caused by the Coronavirus...



Fearless' Great Pancake Bakeoff Demo :-) The serving hatch acted as our TV screen!



When you cancel a prayer meeting because of Storm Dennis' horrific flooding and the prayer warriors still show up. #lovethischurch



Here's some scribbles from our PCC Vision Morning - bring it on 2020!



A few other Christmas shots: thankfully our administrator isn't always dressed as a snowman!

christmas collage


An epic time was had by all 150 guests at our annual Firebird Beer & Carols evening. It's such a success next year we're running two evenings :-)



Remembering deep truths at an All Age Christingle service - the light of the world Jesus pierces our darkness in so many ways.




Congratulations to Christine on her confirmation last week. God is good. Wanting to marry in a church two years ago led her to encountering something of Jesus Christ at that point through an Alpha Course, then through a marriage course, and then, and still now, through journeying with our family community at Church.

We're incredibly grateful for the hope Christine has found in Christ, and the light she can now offer to others. Well done for publicly testifying to God's goodness :-)




Thanks to everyone who brought scrumptious goodies for the annual Rectory BBQ - it was such a lovely day hanging out with church family...



Praise God for growth at Fearless with an influx of very energetic Year 6's!



plasOnce again we had an amazing time at our annual Church Away Day. This year, whilst enjoying the beauty and colour of Springbok's Walled Garden, home to so many flowers and shrubs, we had a think about Creation-care. Here's a pic of some of the kids trying to catch fish but more often than not catching plastic instead. #changingourplasticusage...


runThis year to praise God for the gift of LIFE, we got up nice and early on Easter Sunday and went for a Resurrection Run :-)


carGod gives us sooooo much for free - we call that His grace - it's completely undeserved. Here was our Easter offering of grace to our community :-)


Our Women's Breakfasts started in January and have been a huge blessing!



Here's just two pics of an epic Christ-filled Christmas in our wonderful parish. It kicked off with an event, which we all hope becomes an annual tradition - 'Beer & Carols' - a special thanks to Firebird Brewery! Then the beauty of carols by candlelight in both our churches - we couldn't be more blessed.

firebird carols



Thanks to all the Ifold Scouts, Brownies & Beavers, and the Loxwood Singers, for making Remembrance Sunday 2019 so very special. We will remember them...



A huge thanks to Christians In Sport for a fantastic sports quiz - well done to the Cranleigh school teachers for taking first prize...

We heard an awesome message about whose words have the most say in our lives - is it Jesus for you? He says that if we build our lives upon His words it's like building a house on the firmest rock, which the most terrifying of storms could never unsettle :-)


If you love sport, and even if you don't, please come along to:



We have had an amazing end to our summer. Huge amounts of fun was had at our very first 'Mission Impossible Holiday Club' where children were taught how to be secret agents following in the footsteps of the best Agent ever - Jesus - on the best mission ever - God's mission to save the world! This then culminated in our annual Church Away Day in the beautiful surroundings of the Walled Garden at Springbok. Enjoy the pics :-)

away day 18

hol club 18


booksA huge thanks to Leslie Williams who visited us with her husband Stockton recently. She donated a load of these brilliant books to us, which many from our church family are raving about! If you'd like to read either of them, do let us know, we've got enough floating around to be able to lend some out.

One is on 'Thomas Cranmer' the chap who quite possibly shaped the Church of England more than any other - Leslie brings history to life here. The other is titled 'When Anything Goes' and is an honest, and friendly defence of Christianity in an age when people link the Trinity to the Matrix more than they do to God!



For any budding sports enthusiasts and runners out there, do please take note of the running festival in Byfleet, hosted by one of Rev Greg's Diocesan Sports Ambassador colleagues. 

This year it's on 29th September and will be supporting the Bishop of Guildford's Foundation. For more information please see:


We had an awesome time at The Rectory BBQ last week and the weather was gorgeous. We had some lovely Texan guests join us, so Marc our Youth & Families Worker, felt the need to take charge ensuring everything had enough Texan seasoning...



This coming Sunday (22nd July):
Remember we have just one morning service at Loxwood immediately followed by a BBQ 
It's an All Service featuring Holy Communion at 11am



Marc Harst our Texan 'Youth & Families Worker' is in the building!!! What a great two years we have in store with this wonderful man...



Don't forget that our new service times begin this coming Sunday!!!

So, it's 9.30am at Loxwood for our All Age Service, and 11am at Alfold for our Traditional Holy Communion. (Plus as usual on the first Sunday of the month we have our 6.30pm Evensong at Alfold).


Our Church Away Day 2017 was epic AND HOT!!! Thank you Lord :-)

Away Day 2017


It was a joy to be with many churches across the diocese at the cathedral celebrating God and praying for Thy Kingdom Come




How about this for our baptismal font this morning? Looks more like a jacuzzi! 

Come to Jesus for rest!!!


wineWe had an awesome first wine tasting. Over 60 came along to taste three Italian wines, although unlike the Biblical wine miracle, we started with the most expensive! Despite that most people preferred the cheaper ones...



Work on the car park in Loxwood is almost complete :-)


A brilliant time was had by all at our first 2017 Men's Breakfast.

Make sure you join us for the next one :-)


Coming up to our 10th consecutive 4pm Informal Family Service. They've been a blessing, both with huge amounts of physical cake, and loads of spiritual food for us to feed off too :-)


For a laugh (at least for Rev Greg):

There's never enough time to visit everyone in the parish! We needed a new tactic. Why not call on The Stig? Pastoral visits have gone up 100% What a parish :-)


Transforming Church, Transforming Lives - today is Launch Sunday for the diocese - check out the video below:


It's official, we've launched our 4pm Sunday Informal Family Service. The Launch last Sunday on the 18th was fantastic, with so many more coming than expected. We ate loads of lovely cake. We sang some energetic songs about God being an awesome creator. We learned that God made us in his image as the pinnacle of his creative work, and made us to have a relationship with him. Please come along this Sunday...


Congratulations to Mal Simmonds and Eleanor lynn, who walked to and from 19 different churches on the Surrey Ride and Stride. In so doing they managed to raise over £400 for the beautiful church buildings we're blessed with - well done!


As of today our website has gone live - tell all your friends, and have a look at all the exciting new things we're doing as a united parish...